Driss Boutat教授和刘大研副教授学术报告

应哈工大航天学院检测与控制技术研究中心沈毅教授邀请,法国中部卢瓦尔河谷国立应用科学学院(National Institute of Applied Sciences of Centre Val de Loire)的Driss Boutat教授和刘大研副教授来我校做学术报告,欢迎全校感兴趣师生参加。


Driss Boutat教授

报告题目Observer design for nonlinear dynamical systems using geometrical methods




For engineers, a large variety of information is not directly obtained through measurements. Some internal states are unknown or unmeasured. For this, observability, observer design and inverse concepts should be considered and are important from theoretic and application points of view. It is well-known that the observer based approach is a powerful concept to deal with the state estimation and is generally used in the feedback control and in the fault diagnosis problems. Observer approach is also used for estimating unknown parameters, defaults of a dynamical system. The main of this presentation is to show two geometrical methods to transform a nonlinear dynamical system endowed with an output (measurement) into the so-called observer normal form. This last enables us to use the well-known Luenberger’s observer.



Driss Boutat教授于1993年获得法国里昂第一大学微分几何专业的博士学位,现任法国中部卢瓦尔河谷国立应用科学学院教授,是千人计划转高端项目的外国专家,获法国学术界棕榈教育骑士勋章

Boutat教授是控制和观测器设计方面的国际专家,主要研究非线性观测器动力系统,分布参数系统和分数阶系统。到目前为止,Boutat教授已在IEEE Transactions on Automatic ControlAutomaticaSystems & Control Letters等著名期刊和会议上发表了100多篇论文。此外,他还是Nonlinear Dynamics期刊的副主编,Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society期刊的编委。



报告题目On two non-asymptotic estimation methods




Fast estimations with convergence in finite-time are required in some applications. For these reasons, the modulating functions method introduced by Shinbrot in 1954 and the algebraic parametric estimation method introduced by Fliess and Sira-Ramirez in 2003 both originally for system identification have been applied in signal processing and automatic control. The two methods have the following advantages. First, the obtained estimators are exactly given by integral formulae of the observation signal. Moreover, they are robust with respect to corrupting noises without the need of knowing in priori their statistical properties. Recently, these methods have been extended to fractional order systems. In this talk, the ideas of these two methods will be explained by giving simples examples. Moreover, the applications to parameter estimation and numerical differentiation will be presented.



刘大研博士毕业于法国里尔大学,现任法国卢瓦尔河谷国立应用科学学院副教授,并被燕山大学聘为客座教授。刘博士的主要研究兴趣在于整数阶和分数阶系统的辨识和估计。到目前为止,他已在IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, Automatica, Systems & Control Letters等著名期刊和会议上发表了50多篇论文。2012年他获得了中国政府颁发的海外优秀自费留学生奖。2017年成为IFAC “线性控制系统技术委员会成员。