HICA | 2018年牛津模联哈工大代表团选拔通知

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1)一轮笔试:201876周五18:30-20:00 一校区;

2)二轮模拟会场:201877周六13:30-17:30 二校区;



编辑短信姓名+学号+确认报名牛津模联发送至  18229235203 张同学;



  有意咨询和报名的同学请加入QQ808359816,我们将在群中发布牛津模联选拔相关资料并进行答疑。申请加群时请备注学号和姓名。此外,如有任何问题也可直接联系领队 18846816764 郭同学。







Delegates Wanted for OxIMUN:


The 16th Session of the Oxford International Model United Nations conference will be held between October 26 and October 28, 2018 in Oxford University. Selection of HIT Delegation will be organized by HICA Language Department.


This expatriate delegation is sponsored by HIT Office of Global Affairs, and the expense of the conference and round trip airfare will be covered. Furthermore, according to Regulations of HICA Expatriate Project, Miss Guo Zhihan has been selected as the leader of the delegation and will be assisted by HICA Language Department in the selection of delegates.


Oxford International Model United Nations, known as OxIMUN, is one of the largest Model United Nations associations in Europe. It holds one of the most prestigious and academic MUN conferences in the world and is chaired by handpicked directors from across the world. It is a great chance to communicate with your peers from the globe and broaden your horizon. We are looking forward to your participation!


  1. Requirements
  1. Good oral English speaking ability and good communication skills.

2. Delegates must be 18 years old at least. Obey the directions of delegation leader before& during the conference.

3. Experience in MUN and/or British Parliament Debate is appreciated.



B. Selection procedure

Agreement of HICA Publicly-funded Expatriate will be signed before selection.

Round 1: Paper examination

2018/7/6, Friday, 18:30-20:00 at Main Campus

Round 2: Simulation conference

2018/7/7, Saturday, 13:30-17:30 at Second Campus.

We will inform you of the exact classrooms for interview after you sign up.


C. How to sign up

Send message “Name + Student ID + OxIMUN Selection” to +8618229235203.

Deadline: 2018/7/2, Monday, 19:00.


D. How to contact us:

If you have any question or interest to sign up please join in QQ Group (ID: 808359816), we will release all relevant and necessary OxIMUN and recruitment materials in the QQ group and answer your questions. Please note “your student ID and your name” when applying the chat group.



Contact Miss Guo at Tel +8618846816764




Harbin Institute of Technology Office of Global Affairs

HIT International Communication Association

June 25, 2018