2018-09-03 17:39

应化工与化学学院徐平教授、基础与交叉学院宋波教授邀请,受我校青年科学家工作室资助,SmallSmall MethodsAdvanced Energy MaterialsAdvanced Science等期刊执行编辑、Wiley出版社China In-house Editorial Office副主任徐广臣博士将于201896日进行学术讲座,欢迎全校感兴趣师生参加。

讲座题目:Publishing in Wiley Materials Science Journals




A highly competitive research environment with increasingly limited research funding has created a “Publish or Perish” attitude among scientists who are judged on the quantity rather than quality of their research articles. This presentation provides a brief overview of current trends and challenges in scientific publishing, some ethical considerations, how publishers and authors interact and influence each other, and how the publishing arena is being transformed. Tips will be presented on how to select an appropriate journal for your paper, what aspects of preparation and presentation to focus on from an editor’s and referee’s perspective, and hints for increasing the discoverability of your paper after publication.


Guangchen Xu obtained his BSc and PhD (Hons) from the Beijing University of Technology. He spent a year at Michigan State University as a visiting scholar. Before joining the Wiley team in Beijing in 2011, he was an Assistant Professor at Beijing University of Technology. He now serves as the Associate Director of China In-house Editorial Office (Wiley), and Deputy Editor of Small, Small Methods, Advanced Energy Materials and Advanced Science. Email: gxu@wiley.com.