2024-04-17 08:49


In order to improve students’ health, promote quality-oriented education and flourish international campus culture, Youth Cheerleading Club of College of International Education is going to launch the cheerleading recruitment work. The relevant notice is as follows:

一、团队介绍 Team Introduction


Youth Cheerleading Club is an active organization of CIE, dedicated to improving international students’ artistic accomplishment, teamwork ability and all-round development. Team members will have the opportunity to participate in various activities, including daily rehearsals, campus and outside competitions, etc. CIE will coordinate the training site and provide uniform for the team members to show themselves.

 二、招新计划及职责 Recruitment Plan and Responsibilities

  (一)啦啦队队员 Cheerleading Members


Several team members are needed. Members are required to participate in the training session once a week.   

      (二)后勤人员 Cheerleading Assistants


Several assistants are needed. Assistants are responsible for shooting, renting classrooms and other supportive work.

三、招新对象 Recruitment Students


For all the registered CIE students of Harbin Institute of Technology. If you don’t have any dancing experience, you are still invited. Whether you want to show yourself in the cheerleading team because you love music and dance, or want to become a part of “atmosphere group” in the sports competition to cheer for the athletes, or want to enrich your extracurricular life, to make more close friends in the cheerleading family, we are looking forward to your joining!

四、招新方式 The Way to Join Us



If you are interested in cheerleadering, please scan the below QR code to enter the new cheerleading group. The relevant matters will be notified in the group.

Let’s shine together, show the vitality of the cheerleading team!



Note: Please use the Chinese version as the main notice, and the English translation is for reference only. The final interpretation is reserved by the College of International Education.




Youth Cheerleading Club of College of International Education

April 17, 2024