【Hi-Touch】国际教育学院“心语心声”系列活动之“花语心声” 插花活动预告

2024-06-17 13:35

【Hi-Touch】 Preview of the“Flowers  Bloom in Your Heart”Activity of the CIE“Voice of the Heart”Series Activities —— Flower Arrangement


In order to popularize mental health knowledge, create a healthy international campus atmosphere, and improve international students’ self-esteem, self-confidence and positive social mentality, “Home of International Love” of College of International Education is now holding the “Flowers Bloom in Your Heart” activity of the “Voice of the Heart” Series Activities.

【活动介绍Activity Introduction


Flower arranging is a traditional art that represents life, beauty and peace. By skillfully matching flowers, colors and shapes, flower arranging creates a beautiful scene that is refreshing. The flower arranging activity will provide students with a unique experience to release stress, cultivate creativity and enjoy the fun of art in the natural beauty. In this activity, students will have the opportunity to express their emotions and ideas through art, while sharing their creativity, enhance friendship between each other, strengthening teamwork spirit, and promote the integration of multiple cultures.

【活动时间Activity Time


14:00-16:00 on June 20, 2024 (Thursday)

【活动地点Activity Location


CIE A03-207 Room

【活动对象Activity Students


All international students. (Limited to 12 students)

【报名方式How to Register


Please fill out the registration form to register. (The form will open on June 18 at 14:00.)



Note: Please use the Chinese version as the main notice, and the English translation is for reference only. The final interpretation is reserved by the College of International Education.




College of International Education

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June 17, 2024