【Hi-Touch】国际教育学院“心语心声”系列活动之“彩绘心声” DIY郁金香小夜灯活动预告

2024-04-19 16:58

【Hi-Touch】 Preview of the“Painted Heart”Activity of the CIE“Voice of the

Heart”Series Activities ——Tulip Nightlight DIY


In order to improve the artistic literacy of international students and create a positive campus atmosphere, and improve international students’ self-esteem, self-confidence and positive social mentality, “Home of International Love” of College of International Education is now holding the “Painted Heart” tulip nightlight DIY activity of the “Voice of the Heart” Series Activities.

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【活动介绍Activity Introduction

郁金香是一种象征着浪漫、友谊、幸福的花,因其“爱”“关怀”“祝福”的花语,让它被很多人喜爱。郁金香小夜灯是通过花瓣、叶子、铁丝和灯泡的巧妙结合,制作出属于自己的“温暖”。 郁金香小夜灯的制作可以为学生提供一个释放压力、探索未知、展示自我想法的平台,引导国际学生在制作过程中发现认识更好的自己,通过艺术的力量,发现生活中的美好,增进彼此间的友谊,促进多元文化的融合。

Tulip is a flower that symbolizes romance, friendship, and happiness, and is loved by many people because of its flower language of love, care and blessing. Tulip nightlight is a great combination of petals, leaves, wires and light bulbs to create our own “warmth”. The production of tulip nightlights can provide a platform for students to release stress, explore the unknown, and show their own ideas, guide international students to discover and have a better understanding of themselves in the process of making, discover the beauty of life through the power of art, enhance friendship between each other, and promote the integration of multiple cultures.

【活动时间Activity Time


14:00-16:00 on April 23, 2024 (Tuesday)

【活动地点Activity Location


CIE A03-207 Room

【活动对象Activity Students


All international students. (Limited to 15 students)

【报名方式How to Register


Please fill out the registration form to register. (The form will open on April 20 at 14:00.)




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